🎟 heARTburn 2023 Ticket Info 🎟

hb2023 Jan 17, 2023

This year we sold out in less than 10 minutes! Thanks guys – we're excited too! ❤️🔥

If you bought a ticket for someone else,

please tell us their name so that we can add them to the guest list, which will be checked along with IDs at the door. Please e-mail us at tickets@heartburn.love.

If you have a ticket and want to sell it,

please e-mail us at tickets@heartburn.love and we will arrange the transfer & refund for you.

If someone offers to sell you their heARTburn ticket directly,

remember that ONLY heARTburn can approve the transfer or resale of tickets, and any reselling will be at face value. Sellers can request that the ticket be transferred to you by e-mailing tickets@heartburn.love.

Questions? 📧 tickets@heartburn.love